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Five Virtues Shiraz

The World’s Largest Wine Bottle.

6 feet (1.82 meters), 1300 pounds (589 kilos) and 64 gallons (242 liters), the equivalent of 387 regular bottles.

Five Virtues

589 kilos? the right question is not “how many guys to drink the bottle” but “how many guys to serve this monster”.

DB Fletcher table

This guy is genius.

To understand the table, you gotta see the videos here, here and here.

DB Fletcher


Rare to find beautiful foldable furniture.



Wanna be a Transformer? That’s your chance!
And best of all: it’s easy to clean the vomit!

air botsair bots

Update: Athila, I need no more than 10 seconds to destroy you! Get ready!

The Creature

For only US$ 98,500 you can live inside a lizard.
Weird? Yes, but if you are a boy and have 10 years old, this could be the perfect house.
the creature

the creature

watch the video

Dolphin Watercraft


watch the videos here and here.



Buy it here and here. (they have other robots)

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