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iPhone skins

New wishlist special page. iPhone skins.

Dirty Mug


Paranormal and Table

How to play a prank on your friends:

1) Open Paranormal in your iPhone.
Remember, this is a trick. Hide your iPhone.
Do not show your movements.

2) You and the victim must be on the same network.
Ask the victim to connect the available Wi-Fi connection and download the Table application.
The application is free and available at iTunes Store.

3) The victim should open the application, choose a table and an object.

4) In the meantime, the Paranormal (in your iPhone) is trying to connect to the victim’s iPhone.
When connection is established, you will feel your iPhone vibrate.

Now, you are in control. Paranormal will send to Table’s iPhone your finger movements. Don’t worry, it will NOT send or receive any personal data like contacts, pictures or anything else. No information is recorded and nothing happens when the application is closed.


Space Age Crystal Growing Kit

Discover the laws of nature which create crystals deep inside the Earth.
Learn how astronauts grow crystals in the vacuum and weightlessness of space.

Space Age Crystal Growing Kit
Space Age Crystal Growing Kit

Flip clips

Make your memories move with personalized flipbooks
Flip clips