Los Logos 4

The Berlin-based design and media company Die-Gestalten Verlag release the book Los Logos 4.

los lobos 4

Gestalten’s best-selling Logos series has documented and indicated design styles and trends in contemporary logo design worldwide. At 568 pages, Los Logos 4 provides an overview of current developments and advances in logo design. This authoritative compendium is the largest volume to date showcasing a collection of over 5,000 examples of stylistic approaches by designers from around the globe by bourgeoning design talent and once again offering an essential resource for all designers. Los Logos 4 is the perfect companion to the Logos series and an unparalleled publication on contemporary logo design.

And look who is inside the book.
The Wishlist logo.

los logos 4

The logo was made by Bêla, one of the best designers in the World (perhaps in the galaxy)
If you want a sample of his work, check the TV series Capitu’s opening

Bêla, thank you very much ma friend